Location: Somewhere in a near magical forest in northern Alabama.


In Claiming Ana, why are we left wondering about Sam Murphy’s murder? It’s mentioned, set up, but no follow through. Howl and Ana’s relationship moves too fast. etc. Why does the story play out this way? Claiming Ana is a prequel of the Triple Star Ranch series meant only to introduce readers to a new world and characters outside of Elemental Magic. The focus for CA was always Howl and Ana’s whirl-wind romance not the investigation. It was meant to be a fast, intense and hot beginning to a roller coaster ride, which it is. Werewolves retain animal insticts in their human form. I think animals know their mates on scent, just as a mother animal knows her offspring. I allowed this to push Howl and Ana closer. His wolf would not be satisfied with a several months long courtship. Most of my couples end up together fairly quickly. (They are meant to be together after all.) I think it must just be more noticeable with this story. For instance, Jack and Liv (Earth Enchanted) story spans the course of a month, Gabe and Lea (To Take Up the Sword) a couple of weeks, Kate and Ryan (Wait for the Wind) days (or 12 years depending on how you look at it). Same with Skye and Rhiannon (Sea’s Sorceress), they’ve known each other their whole lives, but once their relationship shifts, its only days. And Devin and Arianne (Fire’s Ice) have been connected for literally a thousand or more years, but once they break the spell, they story spans a few days.

There are four books in the Triple Star Ranch series. Howl’s role is only to follow the money as a second plot thread, which he will in book two, Tempting Taylor.  He doesn’t have an emotional investment in the case.  The Murphy triplets will discover their father’s killer, and the reason behind the murder, in time as a part of their grieving process. We won’t know what really happened until the last page of Saving Sarah, Jace Murphy’s story. There is no instant gratification in my story world. As a rule, I don’t leave the romance on a cliffhanger, but there will generally be an arcing storyline left unresolved for the next book in the series.

Now that Fire’s Ice has been released, will you be writing more books featuring Devin McLoch?  Devin will have a major role in Charm of Light (Allie’s story), the other Shadow books as well as a future series featuring his children, Vaughn, Cian, and Grayson McLoch.

Out of all the books you’ve written, who is your favorite character? Devin.

Will you be writing sequels for any of the characters in your older books? Yes. I have two new series planned for that story world, Shadows of Seven and Highland Magic, ten books total. There is a page set up for each book under the books tab with a little peek into those stories.

What formats are your books available in? Currently available in eBook from Kensington Books (vendors everywhere). Due to their shorter novella length, all titles released prior to January 2015 will not be released in print. Future work may be released in print at the publisher’s discretion. 


How long does it take for you to write a book? It depends on what kind of things are going on in my personal life. I have gone weeks or months without writing anything at all. It took a year to finish Earth, a weekend to finish Sword and a month to write Wind. It also depends on how fast the story is moving for me.  My husband was in ill health for a very long time. Now that Jackie has passed on, I find writing necessary for my sanity and still the words escape me sometimes. I am still trying to find a balance within my heart that allows the words to flow.  I’m an emotional writer and it’s not the same without my best friend. One day that will be easier to handle, but today is not that day.

How do you deal with criticism/rejection?  Eat ice cream and let it go. That’s the price you pay for putting the work out there. You have to be able to deal with good reviews and the bad. Best way to deal is just get back to work. I’ve had reviews that literally had me in tears. Some that made no sense to the point that I wondered if they actually read the book. And still others that made me burst out laughing. Favorite bad review to date – “the hell?”  That’s all it said.

What is your stand on piracy? Ah, for this you should read. http://brynnacurry.com/2011/09/pirates-and-ebooks-arghh/

What made you want to write paranormal romance? I’ve always liked spooky and magical stories as well as suspense. It seemed like the natural choice, even still, I’m not sure it was a conscious choice. My characters just seem to lean that way.

What makes a book great in your eyes? It’s all about the story. It has to be vivid and well told regardless of the format a book is published in.

What do you hope readers will take from your writing? Escape from daily life. A smile, a tear, a sigh. I want them to feel like they’re meeting an old friend when they see a returning character.

When did you first consider yourself a writer? When I mailed my first submission to Harlequin. It was politely rejected.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? No. Not really. I usually have several projects going at once. When one set of characters is quiet, one of the others will ‘speak’ to me and I’ll work on their book. The story is almost always better for the time away and fresh read through. I have found that my writing is strongly tied to my emotions.

How do you respond when someone says…”Oh, you write THAT kind of book?” “Yeah, so. Want to read one?” Writers recreate that rare fall into true love. Now that is something special, no matter what path the book takes to happy-ever-after.

What’s your advice for someone who wants to be a writer? Read. If you like to read a variety of genres, get into e-book reviewing. You’ll learn a lot about house style and what works. Write about what you know. Write the best story you possibly can and then edit it like crazy. Then find a critique group (or find a crit partner to read your work) one that isn’t afraid to tell you what sucks and what works. Then edit again. And again. Then have a reader but non-writer (not a family member either) read it. Get their thoughts. But the most important thing is to actually write. At the end of the day, you will never succeed unless you TRY.

How did you get started as a writer? It seems like I’ve always been a writer, which is to say I’ve been making up stories since I can remember. Still I didn’t try to publish anything until I finished Earth Enchanted. I tried submitting to Harlequin first and was rejected. Several years wiser, I can see the things I could have done to make the writer stronger.  Thanks to a friend’s urging, I decided to try e-presses and subbed to Lyrical Press, which was later merged with Kensington Books (my dream publisher).  I couldn’t be more pleased with all the great people I’ve had the chance to work with and my editor is awesome.

I just finished my manuscript. Will you read/critique it for me? Will you review my book? Will you provide a “cover quote” for my book? Since Jackie’s death, I am solely refocusing my energy on our children and my writing. I’m sorry but I no longer review, critique, or provide quotes for any works. Several years ago, I reviewed so many books I became burned out on the process.  I do run a review site, but I solely handle the incoming / outgoing things.  If you’d like your book reviewed, please consider offering your book to You Gotta Read’s wonderful team of reviewers by sending book information only to yougottaread@gmail.com or using the contact form on site.


What sort of books do you like to read? I love paranormal romance, thrillers, romantic suspense and police procedural too. I don’t mind reading any heat level, not much shocks me, but I don’t read LGBT any more. The exceptions are the story blurb really has to pull me in, and I mean really has to hook me, the book is part of a series I’ve reviewed and I obsessively must know what happens next, or I’ve enjoyed the author’s previous work in another genre (blurb rule still applies.)  I dislike most non-fiction, self help, chick lit, new adult, books where all the main characters die and generally anything that does not have a happy ending.  Anything that spouts an “if you like” resemblance to Twilight or Fifty Shades or is a gossip book about this year’s celebrity of the week will have me run screaming.  Favorite authors include Nora Roberts, Julie Garwood, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jayne Ann Krentz, but I never really cared for romance books until I started reading NR. I’m just one of those girls who likes suspense and kick end heroines. Category Romance featured wilting wildflowers, not my style, but times have changed and books along with them.

Is there anything readers would be shocked to know about you? I’m very opinionated. Wait, that’s not a secret. Well, just one thing. I’m handy around the house. I like to fix things and I’m a huge DIY’er. I’ve been known to tackle just about any home repair project myself, except electrical, including re-plumbing the house myself.

Do you prefer paperback or ebooks?  Both, the format a book is published in doesn’t matter to me as long as the story is compelling. I like audiobooks too.

Cat or dog person? I have become a ‘crazy cat lady’.  Jackie used to have a lot of hunting dogs. Because of his health, he stopped hunting and we only had Spot (he came with the name.) Spot is getting old and doesn’t chase cats much anymore.  He misses his daddy and mostly hangs out on the porch or at my mother-in-laws house next door. We had three orphaned kittens wander up to the house back this fall and Jackie had been feeding them before he died (even though he said he hated cats.) So they just kind of stayed, eventually wandering off, and now we just have Ms. Kitty (Jackie liked Gunsmoke and that’s where her name came from.) who keeps Spot company outside. (It would be cruel to keep her inside when she’s been outside her whole life.)  Asheron, Styxx and Jace are my spoiled rotten minion housecats.