Ah, editing. Do you hate it with a passion? Just want it done? Why don’t you let me help you with the task.  If you plan to self publish a book, then an editor will be a god send to you. No matter how well we think we can self edit, an extra set of eyes can only benefit the work. Want to self-publish but don’t have a clue how to format your book? See below.


Proofing: .002 cents per word (Two proofing rounds for grammatical errors. Work must be edited prior to proofreading by another source.)

Content: .004 cents per word (Two rounds for grammar, flow, point of view, tense etc.  Work must be self-edited prior to content edits.)

Developmental:  At this time, I am not available for developmental edits due to the extent of time involved. If you’ve found your way here and feel you may need this type of work, please contact me for a referral.

Rush Fee:   Flat rate fee of $50 in addition to editing cost if turnaround is required in less than 48 hours.


Ebook: $40  Ebook w/print: $80   Print Only: $50 (Formatting does not include editing or proofing. Manuscript must be edited prior to formatting. Files will be emailed within two weeks for uploading to your publishing platform.)

I do not accept works in the following subgenres: M/M, F/F, BDSM, Horror. I do not accept non-fiction works relating to politics.  This does not apply to political based thrillers.

If you have a question concerning the genre of your work, please contact me and we can discuss it.

Please fill out the form below.