Need one of those cute memes with a quote? How about a sizzling hot teaser with just the right paragraph to promote your new book? Is your banner outdated? Are you an indie/self-published writer who needs a fabulous cover to present your book to the world? (Covers make au00a0difference.) Then I can help you.

Cost depends on what you need and whether you will provide images. Please email me to discuss.

Ebook cover – $35

Ebook and print – $50

Print only – $40

Banners for Website (when purchased without web design) – $15 u00a0(includes a Facebook friendly version.)

Cost depends on whether or not you are providing imagery (properly licensed)

$10 each – (with image)

$5 each – (if you provide images)

Need a graphic that falls under something else? Email me with details to discuss.