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Chatting with Lorelei Buckley, author of Medium Crossing (31 Days of Halloween)

Thank you for having me Brynna.

There’s a lot going on in the Buckley household this month. Besides hitting the road for book signings in Austin and San Antonio, my husband and I will celebrate our seventeenth wedding anniversary, a year of success stories with our most heart-wrenching rescue dog, and the release of my latest paranormal romance novel, Medium Crossing.

Another notable date this month is of course, Halloween. Spooky, mystical, fun, ghostly, what’s not to love? Plus, this month is a perfect time to cozy up with one of my novels. Most of them are about everyday people who for various reasons deal with disgruntled ghosts. Usually, the spirits are unsettled in the afterlife because they’d been wronged in life.

When I need inspiration for a story line or a scene, I’ll watch a scary movie, go on a ghost hunt, and if the stars align, I’ll bunk in a haunted hotel. But up until a few weeks ago, I’d never stayed in a haunted town.

Jefferson Texas is supposedly one of the most haunted places on the map. I went with two girlfriends to see for myself. I was pleasantly surprised. Expect nightly ghost tours, real estate vacant for years due to poltergeists and other frightening phenomenon, and homes like The Grove, featured on several television shows including, HGTV’s “If Walls Could Talk” and chosen on their program as one of the top twelve most haunted houses in America.

We ladies stayed at the Jefferson Hotel, in room 17. This is one of the bizarre things that happened there… Have you ever seen a glass break like this? We hadn’t. This glass was fine when we walked through the hall to sightsee. When we came back…

We were awestruck.


You could read more on my blog (eventually) about our experiences, or if you’re able, visit Jefferson Texas for yourself. If you do, please let me know what you think.


In the meantime, if you’re looking for a sensual, paranormal mystery, to help get you in the Halloween spirit, consider my newest release, Medium Crossing.


Esteemed medium, Scarlett Prowse, unintentionally alters her channeling technique to help streetwise hottie, Holt Cavanaugh, solve his brother’s murder. The event initiates a twisted ride, traversing the afterlife, the city’s underbelly, the deep, emotional fractures of an odd couple destined to be more than steamy lovers, and the mind of a killer who intends to make Scarlett his next victim.



Scarlett entered the guest room and just as she grabbed the knob, Holt sidled in.

“You know where I’m at if you get lonely,” he said, a hint of ketchup floating from his breath. She hadn’t reacted, yet he added, “Don’t go ballistic. I was joshing. Do you need anything?”

The definitions in his chest muscles held her gaze. “No, thanks. I’m fine.” Holt stoked a feminine curiosity she believed she had disciplined years ago.

“Okay. Sleep tight.” He slipped away as subtly as her ghost friend Charlie had the first time she’d spotted him near a radiator in a previous apartment.

She pushed the door closed and turned the lock. That relentless mind-bend of a word traipsed through her brain again—lonely.

“Lots of positives to aloneness,” she mumbled. “Meditation, relaxing baths, uninterrupted games of solitaire.” She untied her boots and set them next to the nightstand. She kept her clothes on. “I’m not ready for cronehood, but people appreciate my service, so, mind out of the intriguing gutter.” Most of her energy was invested in her professional growth, which undoubtedly left a deficiency in her personal life.

She lay in bed and let the idea of making love to Holt creep forward. Their rough edges colliding like tumbling sea rocks. For a few hours, he’d open his fists and she’d hide her gifts. She imagined his coarse hands painted in purple strands of hair, his lips leaving dots of saliva on her warped wrists, and the combined grit of their souls, salty enough to keep an orca alive.

Medium Crossing by Lorelei Buckley / Available on Amazon October 7, 2015

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