Welcome to 31 Days of Halloween

Thank you for joining me here in the shadows. Welcome to the 4th Annual 31 Days of Halloween event. I’ve got a full house this month. To see the guest list, go here.  Tomorrow we kick things off with Dani Jace and her hero Shane from White Doe.

As is tradition and because daughter Kayla demands it, here’s a little “Thriller” for you.


An interview with Shane of WHITE DOE by Dani Jace

DaniJace_LogoHi I’m Dani Jace. I write sensual to erotic contemporary and paranormal, about flip-flog casual heroines and hunky heroes who work with their hands and other body parts. I’d like to thank Brynna for hosting my hero, Shane and me.

Shane is a shape-shifting hawk living a secret life in the Outer Banks of North Carolina when his first love, Cheyenne returns. Their erotic reunion deepens to love when he discovers her unique animal nature, but can he save her from those who seek to slay the legendary white doe. Here’s an interview with Shane and a Halloween excerpt from my novella White Doe.

Welcome Shane. *licks lips under his golden gaze. His physique is heart 67d3025f4e35015b94f8f648904a4fdc57d93311stopping decked out in black leather*  Good to see you again, Dani. It’s been a while.

“You look as fine as ever.”  *winks* You created me.

Tell our audience a bit about you.   My name is Shane Cheveyo. I grew up in the small town of Manteo on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I’m of Native American descent and born from a line of shifters, namely my great-father. He was chieftain of our small tribe until he passed.

Tell us something no one would believe about you? Large or small. I’ve only been in love with one woman.

What’s the one thing you’d never tell your lover? How to dress. Cheyenne and I kept enough secrets before we got together. She does wear this great Elvira costume in a Halloween scene in the book.

Name something she does to totally turn you on? Dance. She used to be a stripper. I’m envious of the pole.

Do you have a fetish? If so, what is it? Long hair. Chey’s is like black satin sweeping over my thighs or chest.

Clears throat. I get the picture. Do you rely on your physical prowess or your intelligence to attract a lover? My hog… *LOL* I mean my Harley. *winks*

What’s something you’ve done that could have landed you in prison? Too many things to count. The army did a lot for me in the way of discipline.

Where did you lose your virginity? On the beach, but it wasn’t with Chey. I regret that, but our separation made me realize she’s the woman for me.

Who’s your best buddy? What do you guys do when bromancing? I never really had a close bro until I met Jim when I joined the Pirates MC (motor cycle club). We usually hang out at the Black Raven or take off on the bikes. He wants to know when you’re going to write his story.

A couple of reviewers asked the same thing, so there’s a possibility. Is there a specific body type, hair, or eye color that attracts you? Does Cheyenne meet the criteria? I love a curvy ass and Chey certainly knows how to use hers.

What’s a sexually fantasy Chey would never agree to? A threesome, but then I’d never be able to handle her being with another guy and she’s not into chicks.

What’s your occupation? Diesel mechanic. I work for local marine engine company on the fishing boats. They call me Dr. Diesel.

Because you’re good with your hands? Among other things.

How did you meet Cheyenne? Small town, we knew one another as kids.

What do you believe is your most attractive feature? Hmm, I got a great wingspan. *LOL*

How do you stay fit? Flying. It’s good exercise and better than any drug.

If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be? To have taken my great-grandfather’s advice. But like most people, I had to learn from my mistakes.

Name your most comfy article of clothing? I’m confident in my MC colors, a.k.a. my leather vest with the Pirates insignia.

A favorite piece of clothing you like to remove from your lover? The leather jacket I bought her to wear when she rides with me. One night on the beach, she used it during a private striptease.

Wow. Most interesting place you’ve taken your lover? The sky.

What’s the hottest thing a lover has ever said to you? Read the book. It’s her final statement at the end.

Thanks Shane! Chey’s a lucky lady. Take care Dani. * kisses cheek*

Where was I…oh yeah. Here’s and excerpt from White Doe:

Shane parked the Harley in front of The Black Raven on a warm and moonless Halloween. Antsy for a peek of Cheyenne in her costume because she’d refused to give him a hint. A self-proclaimed bachelor, he’d quickly adjusted to having her living with him and sharing his bed.

He heard a familiar voice call his name as he reached for the door. Gritting his teeth in frustration, he turned.

Dory. Dressed as hooker. Not much of a costume.

“What?” He exhaled.

“Ed has a council meeting tonight. I thought we could go for a ride before you downed some brews with the guys.” Judging by her slight stagger she’d already been in the sauce.

“Sorry. No can do.”

“Why? What’s a little ride?” She mewed.

He knew the type of ride she insinuated. “You’re with Ed. That’s what you wanted.” He purposely left Chey’s name out of the conversation.

“Sometimes a girl makes mistakes.”

She certainly was his worst. “And we gotta live with them.”

Without another word, he turned and snatched open the heavy oak door. In her drunk and narcissistic state, she didn’t get the message and followed him inside.

Jack-o-lanterns decorated the tables glowing eerily in the dark tavern. Webbing strung along the exposed roof timbers added to the gloomy effect. The Pirates had already pushed some tables together. Chey caught his attention as she served their drinks. Dressed as Elvira, his lover’s black lined eyes turned murderous when she spotted Dory trailing behind him.

He’d done everything short of physically dissuading the slut. He found an end seat beside Jim. Dory plopped onto an empty seat across from them.

“Who’s heard of the legend of Virginia Dare?” she slurred. “I’m not hunting wabbit, but a white doe.” Her drunken impression of Elmer Fudd made the guys snicker.

“The ghost of Chief Maneto’s son will haunt you,” Jim said, his expression serious. “She was his beloved. When she declined Chief Wanchese son’s offer of marriage, he ordered his shaman to curse her so when she kissed the rival chief’s son, she turned into a white doe.

Later, the two tribes staged a hunt for her. Maneto’s son had his medicine man fashion a special arrow that would return her to human form. Wanchese’s son had a different plan. When both braves spotted the white doe, her true love’s arrow struck first returning her to human. Then Wanchese son’s arrow pierced her heart. Legend says the ghost Virginia Dare wanders the Outer Banks as a white doe.”

All eyes were on his friend as he finished the tragic story. Unable to take anymore, Shane vacated the table as Jim entranced the audience with another historical Outer Banks legend.

“Do you think if I hunt Dory and kill her that anyone would care?” Chey asked, tapping a couple of brews.

Shane grinned. “I doubt it, but you can hunt me down later.” Her Mistress of the Dark costume and push-up bra had him breathing hard.

By the time he returned to the table, Dory had talked Dwayne, another club member into her wild expedition. An avid bow hunter, the guy wouldn’t have a bit of trouble killing a deer, but Shane suspected anything he said to dissuade him would only lead Dory to more suspicion about Chey’s true nature.

Dwayne didn’t miss his look of disapproval. “Sorry, man. It’s good for a piece of ass,” he apologized. “Thought you were done with her.”

“More than, bro. But believe me—the tail isn’t worth the trouble that comes with her.” He lightly pounded the man’s shoulder.

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Although Dan Jace has lived in coastal Virginia my entire life, she claims the scenic Outer Banks of North Carolina as her second home.  The legionary chain of barrier islands is a common setting for many of her steamy contemporary and paranormal tales.

When not writing or dipping her toes in the ocean, you’ll find her reading or checking out the newest action flick.  Hubs, son, black Lab, and many imaginary characters make life complete. She loves to hear from readers.

Website: www.danijace.com

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