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Affairs of the Dead Contest ~ A posthumous search for a missing…

So, A.J. asked everyone on her tour come up with the craziest, wackiest, weirdest unfinished business a ghost might have left to tie them to our realm. Since I’m always game for ghostly fun, here goes mine. In story form of course.

Delia Donovan was the image of a perfect soccer mom, then grandma after her kids gave her grandchildren. She loved caring for her family. Cooking, cleaning, endless carpools and appointments. Her home always smelled of freshly baked cookies. So much that the scent was considered her perfume. She adored being just a mom and never longed for a career outside of the home.

Thankfully, George Donovan, her husband of nearly fifty years, was blessed with a well paying job and preferred her remain a homemaker. He liked his stuffy law office just fine and held no desire to keep a home.

There was one task that Delia truly hated. One.

Matching socks.

No matter how careful you were, there always seemed to be one cutesty sock missing a mate. 

One. Pink…Hello Kitty. Stinking (clean) sock.  One sock belonging to her precious three year old great-granddaughter Abigail who had a fondness for grammie’s sugar cookies.

Searching for several hours still hadn’t netted her the wretched bit of cloth. Abby would be here with her mother very soon and she would cry for them. They were her favorite socks. And worse she had an awful headache.

A terrible headache.

Moving into the living room, Delia stopped short. Her home felt cold and the house smelled lightly of flowers, not the warm scent of brown sugar that should be wafting from the oven. 

She passed the hall table with the heavy gold mirror hanging above it, stopped to examine the sore spot on her temple. She had no reflection. Terrified she looked down and saw the newspaper clipping of an obituary.

Delia Amanda Pritchett Donovan passed away at her residence on…

It must be a cruel joke, she thought. But then she remembered one pink sock…laundry…and the headache from the sudden stroke that must have killed her.





In Affairs of the Dead, if someone dies with unfinished business, their ghost sticks around until that business is taken care of. If it’s not, then the ghost turns into a deadly, rampaging monster. Needless to say, helping ghosts settle their affairs is a top priority. The main character, Selene, is a necromancer who has helped ghosts with unfinished business from skydiving to helping a ghost lose her virginity (it’s possible!). For this contest, I want to read the craziest, funniest, most outrageous or creative unfinished business you can think of that would cause a ghost to stick around.


If you win, I will incorporate your entry into the sequel I am currently working on, which is tentatively titled Requiem for the Living. The prize will also include a $20 Amazon Gift Card, and Urban Fantasy ebooks from my publisher, Etopia Press.


I look forward to reading your entries and hope you will check out Affairs of the Dead!


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Author Bio: A.J. Locke is an author and artist, originally from Trinidad, now residing in New York City. Affairs of the Dead is her debut novel, and other than writing she enjoys reading, drawing, painting, graphic design, and watching too much television.


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