Interview with Katalina Leon (Lord Griffin’s Prize)

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Thank you for joining me in the shadows. Pay no attention to that odd silhouette over there. Weird things live here.  Where do you hail from?
Katalina Leon: I was born in Los Angeles the City of Angels.
Tell me about your latest book. What makes it stand out from the crowd?
Katalina Leon: My latest book “Lord Griffin’s Prize” is part of a multi-author paranormal books series from Ellora’s Cave. All the stories feature supernatural lovers who meet in an enchanted Irish castle turned luxury hotel. There’s a lot of variety in this series. My story features time travel back to a medieval castle under siege, and a hot war chief and soon to be griffin-shifter who comes to a lady’s rescue.
Do you have anything new in the works and can you tell us a bit about it?
Katalina Leon: I have a lot in the works. There’ll be at least four more books released this year. The next book “Fairy In The Flesh” is about a woman who visits the painting studio of her favorite modernist artist in Avignon France. She is tricked by an enchantress into drinking Mojo-laced absinthe and gets thrown back in time to 1903. The artist is a handsome devil with a secret past. Magic absinthe, La Fée Verte—the green fairy, nude modeling, Bohemian living, gypsy encampments and being swept away by a dream man who lived in a different century is all part of the fun.  
What advice would you give to writers just starting out?
Katalina Leon: Write a lot. Delete a lot. Always be ready to change your mind and learn something new.
How did you deal with rejection letters? Any tips for unpublished writers?
Katalina Leon: Learn from the animal kingdom. The biggest, strongest animals, the ones that hunt the biggest game fail nine times out of ten. A lioness goes all out and fails about nine times before she has anything to take home to the pride. I think pursuit and failure is a big part of success. For goodness sakes don’t let a failure frighten you away from what you want.
What tools of the trade are must-haves for you?
Katalina Leon: Spell Check, I’m terrible. I’m also in love with Edit Minion. It’s a real help.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to research a story?
Katalina Leon: I’ve done a lot of crazy things and used “research” as an excuse, but my husband will thank me for being discreet and not giving details. I will admit that I enjoy dressing up like “another woman”, wigs and all and meeting my husband in a neighboring city. We’ll arrange to meet in public and I show up in character. Don’t judge me. It’s so much fun!
What do you like to read?
Katalina Leon: I have to do a lot of research so I read a lot of history and non-fiction.
If you weren’t a writer, what career might you have chosen?
Katalina Leon: I was an artist before I was an author and some day I want to be both.
Who is your favorite superhero (or heroine)? Can be from a comic book, movie, novel, cartoon, video game or anywhere else heroes reign.
Katalina Leon: This is tough to answer. I spent my teen years sketching Thor and Wolverine with a sharpie onto every flat surface I could scribble on because I had such a crush on them both. Superman is pretty loveable too.
Your favorite book hero?
Katalina Leon: Earlier this year I read Clay and Susan Griffith’s “Vampire Empire” trilogy from PYR Press, and just fell in love with Prince Garth The Greyfriar. What a hero!
You finally have an evening free to spend any way you want. Money is no object. Where do you go? What would you do?
Katalina Leon: My husband is from New Orleans, so I would love to fly to NOLA for a beautiful supper and a walk through the French Quarter to club hop and enjoy the music with daiquiris in hand.
You’ve been gifted (or cursed) with the ability to shift into another form by a witch. What kind of shifter are you? Why?
Katalina Leon: Wow! I’d enjoy being just about anything. Today I’ll say I’d want to be a griffin-shifter because griffins are loving loyal creatures with the strength of a lion and the strong flight of an eagle. It would be the best of land and air.
Thanks so much for being my guest today! Anything else you’d like to share with my readers?  Don’t forget to give us links to your website etc.
Katalina Leon: Thank you sweetie. I loved going into the shadows with you!  I’m easy to find:
Katalina Leon Author page:
Loose id
Katalina’s Blog:
Website under reconstruction:
Lord Griffin’s Prize
Katalina Leon
Part of the Emerald Isles Fantasies series
An Irish warlord under a witch’s enchantment…
Tullamore Castle Ireland is an enchanted place where the unexpected happens. Phantom lovers materialize in haunted beds and a lonely griffin patrols the ramparts waiting to reclaim its mate. And that’s just the beginning.
For the adventure of a lifetime Maeve de’Burgo visits Tullamore to study genealogy. Through a magical act and time travel she becomes embroiled in a dangerous medieval romance and the unfinished life of her ancestor. Maeve gets thrown back in time to be captured, ravished and cherished as a war chief’s prize.
Ronan O’Griofa is a griffin-shifter, the most loyal of creatures. He’s been trapped in limbo as the avenging guardian of Tullamore since 1332 AD and longs to be free. When the soul of his wife returns to the castle he’s granted the privilege of becoming a man for one day to be her lover, win her heart and remind Maeve of a bond strong enough to last an eternity.
Excerpt One:  Chapter one
Maeve placed a gloved hand on the golden door handle of the Tullamore Castle Hotel and pushed. The glass door resisted against the vacuum of a blustery gust. The short but stormy walk from the cab to the curb had left rain sheeting from her umbrella and tall black boots.
She bore down, gave the door a firm shove and watched in awe as it swung open onto a timeless realm entrenched in equal parts modern luxury and dour medieval grit. Above the entrance a time-ravaged, iron-studded medieval shield bearing the image of a griffin held a place of hono
r between two Victorian-era crystal sconces, punctuating the contrast of a far-reaching past.
Maeve was too tired to care that she was tracking water across the patterned carpet as she ambled into the elegant front lobby dragging a lopsided piece of rolling luggage. For the past twenty-four hours she’d roamed airports, engaged in endless desperate bargaining with airline personnel to exchange tickets, hunted down cabs and texted anyone she could reach to tell them that her international flights and all her arrangements on the ground had been disrupted by turbulent weather.
The challenging journey from the US to Ireland had left her weary to the bone. Everything that could go wrong had. As she approached the front desk there was little wonder in her mind why the word “travel” had its roots in the original travail, which literally meant torture.
An attentive middle-aged woman, with red hair swept away from her stark face, stepped from behind the carved baroque counter to greet her. “You must be Maeve Clark. We received your message. I’m so sorry you’ve had such a difficult time getting here.” The woman reached for Maeve’s luggage. “Let’s get you signed in so you can rest.”
The woman glanced out the front entrance as the cab that had brought Maeve turned and drove away in the pouring rain. “I don’t see anyone else out there. Is Mr. Clark with you?”
“What time is it?” Maeve fought the impulse to rub her eyes with the heels of her hands and grind what little mascara still clung to her lashes onto her cheeks.
The woman smoothed the lapels of her prim navy suit. “It’s 1:11 a.m.”
“Oh god. I’m so disoriented I thought it was earlier. By the way, I’m no longer Maeve Clark. I made the reservations last year before I divorced. Didn’t I update you on the name change?”
The woman’s gaze lingered on the prominent wedding ring on Maeve’s left hand. “No name change was mentioned, but we have a beautiful room waiting and we’re pleased to have you visit with us, Miss…?”
“Maeve dé Burgo.”
The woman looked elated. “You’re a dé Burgo? Of course, now it all makes sense! Oh this is wonderful, and so appropriate. I’m certain you are aware that the ancestral founder of Tullamore Castle was Lord dé Burgo?” The woman clasped Maeve’s hand. “My name is Áine Byrne. I’m the current owner of Tullamore Castle and if I’m not mistaken, you and I are distant relations.”
“You’re the castle owner? I’m so happy to meet you, Miss Byrne.”
“Call me Áine. I’m simply thrilled to have a dé Burgo under our eaves again!”
Maeve was dumbfounded by the woman’s intense enthusiasm for her maiden name. “I’m surprised to see you working the front desk at this hour.”
“I’m a hands-on owner and a notorious insomniac. Night is when interesting things happen at Tullamore. I like seeing everything and everyone who comes through the front entrance. Hospitality is my business and I enjoy being hospitable.”
“Thank you, Áine.” Maeve was barely able to manage a smile in her exhausted state. “From the outside, the castle is so dramatic, very picturesque. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing my room.”
“Of course you are.” Áine took Maeve’s hint and hurried behind the counter to retrieve a massive leather-bound ledger with vellum pages. “Because you are a dé Burgo would you please sign the historic guest ledger?” She handed Maeve an old- fashioned feather quill and a bottle of ink.
Maeve sighed as she accepted the quill and ink. Despite her interest in all things historical, she had no experience writing with a quill and hoped she wouldn’t make a mess of Áine’s lovely old ledger with an inevitable clumsy ink splosh on the creamy page.
Áine seemed to read Maeve’s mind. “It’s not difficult. Simply dip, swipe the quill on the rim of the bottle and write far more slowly than you think you should.”
Maeve dipped the quill and sketched her name across the velum with shaky, scratchy strokes that required several dunks into the ink.
“Lovely.” Áine gazed at Maeve’s signature and set the ledger aside to dry. “By the way, the room you requested is not available. We had a slight accident with some workmen the other day and the room you reserved will require refurbishment.”
Maeve groaned in disappointment. “The cheerful little yellow room overlooking the rose garden isn’t available?”
“No.” Áine glanced at Maeve sideways. “We’re putting you in the O’Griofa suite tonight. It’s our finest room.”
Maeve gasped. She’d visited Castle Tullamore’s website many times and knew the O’Griofa suite was a sprawling set of adjoining rooms stuffed with priceless antiques and no doubt far beyond her budget.
“It’s all right.” Áine raised a preemptive p
alm into the air. “You will not be charged suite rates. The mistake was on our side and you shall be the one to benefit.”
Maeve exhaled. “Thank you.” A nearly forgotten thought surfaced. “Some months ago I contacted a Professor Burke to meet me here at the castle and help me to gather information about my family’s genealogy. I forgot to email him and tell him my flight was delayed. Has the professor contacted you?”
“Yes, I spoke with Professor Burke at some length and now that I know you’re a dé Burgo your research project makes perfect sense. The dé Burgos have shared a stunning history with Castle Tullamore. Your family has been here since the beginning.”
“I’ve been told I was named for a great ancestor of mine, Lady Maeve dé Burgo. I’m looking forward to learning more about her.”
Áine did not appear to be the least bit surprised by this bit of information. “There’s been a mild setback. I am sorry to say Professor Burke isn’t coming. He called yesterday to cancel your appointment. He must attend to emergency business in France and will not return for a fortnight. He apologized profusely for the sudden change of plans.”
“The professor’s not coming?” The energy drained from her. “I’m so disappointed. That was the core purpose of my trip to Tullamore.”
“Don’t despair.” Áine lifted her chin. “Another professor has volunteered to take his place.”
“Ironically it’s a Professor O’Griofa. He too claims a strong ancestral connection to Tullamore and has enjoyed a long association with the castle. Isn’t that an interesting coincidence?” Áine’s gaze sharpened. “Professor O’Griofa is considered the premier expert on Castle Tullamore, so it goes to show that tiny setbacks and substitutions can often be wonderful boons. I’m sure the change was for the best. Tullamore’s just that kind of place. One must expect the unexpected.” She reached for a brass skeleton key dangling from a hook. “We use an old-fashioned key for the O’Griofa suite. Come with me and I’ll show you to your room.”
Maeve followed Áine down a long corridor lined with gilt-framed oil portraits of the castle’s many occupants. They passed a staircase and approached an antiquated- looking iron-cage elevator.
“We’re going to take the lift.” Áine took hold of the iron filigree door and struggled to wrench it open. “This door can be so stubborn.” She gave the base of the door a brisk kick with the heel of her shoe until it opened. “Ah, there we go. You’re not claustrophobic or easily startled by screeching metallic sounds, are you?”
“No.” Maeve gazed longingly toward the staircase.
“Don’t worry, the lift is in excellent working condition. It’s just odd.”
Maeve lingered at the threshold. “How is it odd?”
“It’s haunted and there are a few other peculiarities.” “Like what? I would think haunted is peculiar enough.”
“Oh there’s much more.” Áine stepped into the lift, pulling the rolling luggage with her, and motioned for Maeve to follow. “Get in and I’ll tell you about its many eccentricities.”
Maeve felt her face blanch as she stepped inside the unsound-looking lift.
Áine slid the rattling door shut and pressed a button. The lift lurched with a grating noise and rose to the thumping whir of unseen gears and pulleys.
Maeve gulped a nervous breath. “I’ve never been in a lift like this.”
“You certainly haven’t!” Áine grinned with pride. “It’s one of a kind. I’ve had guests swear the lift delivered them into another time and place. Can you imagine that? A few bold souls have even claimed to encounter entities haunting the lift that encouraged them to engage in…” She hesitated. “How should I say this? Amorous behavior. Their actions were quite spontaneous and uninhibited, but I strongly suspect they didn’t do anything they didn’t already want to do.”
“Oh my.” Maeve laughed. “And they blamed the lift?”
The lift screeched to a jolting halt. Áine drew the door open. “We’re here.” She motioned for Maeve to exit. “The O’Griofa suite is at the end of the corridor.”
(Just wait until Maeve sees the handsome portrait of Lord O’Griofa. She’s in for trouble…)
Lord Griffin’s Prize is part of the Emerald Isle Fantasies book series and is available now from Ellora’s Cave. Be sure to check out the entire Emerald Isle Fantasies books series. It includes lots of talented Ellora’s Cave authors and loads of steamy, Irish enchantment. You can’t go wrong!
Jennifer LaRose “Phantom Mischief”
Rebecca Royce “Crimson Lust”
Dena Garson “Ghostly Persuasion”
And much more to co
Ellora’s Cave:
Buy links:
art5z copy 3Author’s Bio:
 I’m an artist, an author, mother and wife. I write for Ellora’s Cave, Loose Id Publishing and a couple new publishers to be announced soon. I try to bring a touch of the mystical and a big sense of adventure to everything I write because I believe there’s a bold, kick-ass heroine inside all of us who wants to take a wild ride with a strong worthy hero.
Katalina is giving away two Amazon gift cards valued at $15 each and a pdf ebook.
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Jennifer Lynne – Immortal Seduction

JenniferLynne_Immortal Seduction800GIVEAWAY DETAILS:
Jennifer is giving away a $15 Amazon GC and a swag pack including bookmark, Gods of Love cover flats, pen and a cute koala bear crystal charm for mobile phone to ONE lucky winner at the end of her tour:
 Open Internationally



Gods of Love, Book 4

Release Date:  August 27, 2013


Some seek love, some seek power. For Aphrodite, the two are permanently intertwined. And when the goddess of desire hungers for love, who among mortals could possibly resist her power?


Fire fighters Ashur, Kieran and Hugh are damaged men. A tragedy that took the life of their colleague has left them scarred, both physically and emotionally. Love and power are nothing to them but empty words. Hoping to reignite their mother’s passion for life and love, the erotes bring these mortal men to Aphrodite’s attention.


But with the blackness inside Ash, Kier and Hugh becoming ever deeper, will it take more than the power of a goddess to save them? And if she loses that battle, how will she rediscover the path to healing for her own emotionally damaged heart?

Warning: this erotic romance novella contains ménage (MFM and MFMM) sexual scenes between the goddess of desire and three hot fire fighters. The story is suitable for Adult readers only!


Amazon (Kindle)

All Romance eBooks (EPUB, PDF & Kindle)

Smashwords (EPUB & PDF)



You can find out more about the Gods of Love series and purchase books 1 – 3 at Jennifer Lynne’s website –



ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Jennifre Lynne Pic

Jennifer Lynne lives in Melbourne, Australia, and writes short contemporary erotic romance, mostly with paranormal/fantasy elements.
When she’s not writing what her family and friends call “porn for chicks” and what she prefers to call “super-hot romance for intelligent readers”, she is working in the admin day job, running around after two teenage daughters and trying to find time for her lovely new husband of one year.
Jennifer is published with Red Sage and Breathless Press. Over the past 18 months she has also embarked on an indie journey with the publication of her GODS OF LOVE romance series featuring erotic Greek gods and modern-day mortals in need of sexual healing.
Find her on the web at:
Excerpt 2
Rated Adults-only, 18+
Retreat. She must retreat before it consumed her, this darkness. She had enough darkness of her own to contend with. Reluctant tears pooled beneath her closed eyelids and her throat tightened, hurting her. The poor dear man.
Stupid, stubborn, and with a soul-deep suffering that would take more than a flash of her power to heal. Her safest option was to leave here now and seek out someone else who would benefit from her endless experience. Someone who would welcome her assistance. Someone who would be unable to resist her potent brand of desire. Someone who would ease this incessant physical ache in her womb as it squeezed tight, reminding her of its hunger.
There were…she concentrated. Yes. Several candidates within a mile of here who would welcome her with open arms. Several hundred, if she expanded her search. A billion lonely souls, calling out for her guidance and her love, if she wanted to abandon this moment and this man.
But did she? How could she leave him like this? So hurt, so…enraged. How could she justify walking away from that level of pain? Walking away would give truth to the nagging anxiety that her heart really had disappeared down a deep dark hole.
Perhaps I really have forgotten how to love. Heartless, or helpful? It is up to me to make that decision. I can choose, right now. One path. Or the other.
The night breeze crept across her skin like a sign from some of the gods, and in that moment she knew that Hephaestus was not laughing. Neither was Ares. The deformed god of blacksmiths and volcanoes, her one-time husband Heph who had been treated horribly at her hands, and her powerful lover Ares, god of war himself, both had hearts bigger than that of the goddess of love. She could feel their well-wishes in this quest to rediscover her essence.
Laughter began to bubble even as tears dribbled down her cheeks. When she flicked out her tongue to the side and caught one of them, the taste of the sea filled her mouth. Salt. A symbol of truth in some religions on this earth. There was no choice really, in the end. Immortality was a bitch if you had to live too long with self-loathing.
 (copyright Jennifer Lynne 2013)

Interview with Roxanne Snopek (Fake Fiance, Real Revenge)

Thank you for joining me in the shadows. Pay no attention to that odd silhouette over there. Weird things live here.  Where do you hail from?
I hail from the Canadian Prairies, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, to be precise. Say that three times fast.
Tell me about your latest book. What makes it stand out from the crowd?
Della Fontaine, one of my secondary characters ALWAYS stands out from the crowd! She’s big, rich, loud, has questionable taste and no brain-mouth filter. I found her hilarious to write! She’s great comic relief in a pretty emotional story. Other than that, the book is everything you want in a romance novel: mistakes, heartache, regret, chance, risk, reconciliation and happily-ever-after. Plus cowboys, revenge and a fake engagement!
Do you have anything new in the works and can you tell us a bit about it?
I’m tickled to announce that my latest novella will appear in a Christmas 2013 anthology, published by Entangled Bliss. “Saving Rudolph” involves a woman who gets stranded in a blizzard with a trailer-full of reindeer she’s attempting to “liberate” but has, in fact, stolen. Naturally, she’s rescued by the town sheriff.
What advice would you give to writers just starting out?
Go to chiropractic school. All writers need a day-job, at least at first, and I hear that one pays well.
How did you deal with rejection letters? Any tips for unpublished writers?
Used to be we kept them in a shoebox, for a ritual burning once we finally sold. Now I put them in an email-folder, just so I don’t keep sending material to someone who’s already said no. My tip for unpublished writers? Don’t keep sending material to someone who’s already said no.
What tools of the trade are must-haves for you? 
Subscriptions to RWR, RT Book Reviews, RWA National conference recordings, local chapter membership and yoga, so I don’t cripple up from all the sitting.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to research a story?
Since I’m terrified about real-life people and hate embarrassing myself, I do most of my research online. Which results in some bonehead mistakes that readers call me on, thereby terrifying and embarrassing me anyway.
What do you like to read?
I’m a pretty omnivorous reader, depending entirely on my mood at the time. I love relationship stories, mother-daughter stuff (I have three girls), mystery/crime/thrillers of any kind, big meaty stories and quick satisfying stories.
Who is your favorite author and why? 
I have a lot of favorite Barbaras: Barbara O’Neal, Barbara Freethy, Barbara Rogan… but my favorite book is The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, from which came the quote inked on my shoulder.
Now for the fun questions.  Let’s strip away the veil of invisibility. Do you have a day job alongside writing and will you tell us about it?
Yes. I’m the Human Resources director in an animal hospital. Hiring, firing, paying, scheduling, reviewing, reprimanding, etc. I have a truly fabulous team, thank goodness, and I can do much of it from home, but it still gives me hives from time to time. They’re all super-supportive of my writing, probably because they think they’ll be rid of me then! Sorry, guys, I’m a lifer.
If you weren’t a writer, what career might you have chosen?
Aerial acrobat with Cirque du Soleil. Or possibly chiropractor.
Who is your favorite superhero (or heroine)? Can be from a comic book, movie, novel, cartoon, video game or anywhere else heroes reign.
How about TV? I want to be Gemma Teller Morrow from Sons of Anarchy. Great hair, middle-aged and still hot, able to run in crazy-high heels. Plus, she’s stone-cold fearless in the face of danger, and says what needs to be said. Okay, she might be pure evil and need to be killed off soon, but have you heard her sing?
Your favorite book hero?
Jack Reacher. I need say no more.
You finally have an evening free to spend any way you want. Money is no object. Where do you go? What would you do?
I want to watch TV in my pajamas, while on a private jet to the Bahamas.
You’ve been gifted (or cursed) with the ability to shift into another form by a witch. What kind of shifter are you? Why?
A cat. They really have the life, don’t you think? Ours sleeps (and sheds) wherever he wants, has his own bathroom, and has mastered the art of meditation. Well, I guess what I’m saying is I want to be a pampered house-cat cat.
Thanks so much for being my guest today! Anything else you’d like to share with my readers?  Don’t forget to give us links to your website etc.
Thank you for having me! Your questions were great!

 Fake Fiance, Real Revenge
Roxanne Snopek
Real-estate tycoon Mitchell Granger has a problem. In order to secure a lucrative deal with an eccentric client, he told the teeny white lie that he was engaged…and now he needs to prove it. Even worse? The only name that came to mind was Sabrina Becker, the girl he was never good enough for growing up, and who still lives near his family ranch.
Sabrina doesn’t mind posing as Mitch’s fake fiancée—no, she doesn’t mind at all. One, she’ll make him pay with new construction for her business. And two, Sabrina’s got a plan to exact revenge on her first love, the boy who left her and Three River Ranch behind. She’ll pretend so well, he’ll fall in love with her…and then he’ll get a taste of what true heartbreak feels like.
But as Mitch sheds his corporate skin and picks up his dusty jeans and cowboy hat, will both his and Sabrina’s grand plans get derailed by love?
Author bio
Roxanne Snopek is the author of ten books, more than 150 articles, and has had short fiction published in several anthologies. She is currently serving as Vice-President of the Romance Writers of America Greater Vancouver Chapter. She and her family live in the Pacific Northwest, where she’s at work on more love stories for Entangled Publishing.
Roxanne Snopek has been writing professionally for more than two decades and is the author of eight books, more than 150 articles, and has had short fiction published in several anthologies. Her non-fiction has appeared in a wide variety of publications, from The Vancouver Sun and Reader’s Digest to newsletters for Duke, Cornell and Tufts Universities. She’s done corporate copywriting on topics ranging from pet food for Iams/Eukanuba, to employee profiles for VersaCold to air-conditioner maintenance for Home Depot.
In 2006, her first novel Targets of Affection was published by Cormorant Books, under the name RGWillems. When her editor asked for more, she happily wrote the second and third in the series, certain she was on her way to fame and fortune. Then the economy fell apart, her editor stopped taking her calls and Roxanne realized it wasn’t going to be that easy.
After some wallowing and navel-gazing, she found Romance Writers of America, one of the largest professional writers’ organizations in the world, and began to seriously study the craft of fiction writing. Roxanne is currently Vice-President of the Greater Vancouver Chapter of the Romance Writers of America. They voted her in, so they can’t complain.
In her spare time, Roxanne is also the human resource manager for a veterinary hospital. She and her family live in the Pacific Northwest, where she’s always at work on the next book.
On a personal note:
Take a look my blog*, in which I open up a tiny window into the uncharted landscape that is My Brain, while dancing between the boundaries of Too Much Information and Oops, Now I Need a Pen Name. Mostly it’s just Real Life, family, art, writing, yoga and why some mornings, you just shouldn’t talk.
*or don’t. Really, it’s up to you.
Buy Links
Fake Fiance, Real Revenge:  AmazonB&NiBookstore
His Reluctant Rancher: Amazon
Three River Ranch: Amazon
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New excerpt from Claiming Ana

I can’t wait for this new book to come out. March is so far away. Here is another little sneak peek of Claiming Ana to wipe away the Tuesday blahs.
“I’ll take you, turn you, until I’m the sun that warms you, the moon
that calls to you at night.” – Howl Raven
Adult excerpt – R
thinking about sex, Ana. Control yourself.
swallowed the pills with the hot coffee burning a path down his raw throat and
hoped it hid his grin.
Arrgh. He
probably heard that too.
“Every word.
We’ll get to that, hopefully sooner rather than later.”
evading the question. So, how did you come to be bleeding in my woods not
twenty feet from my doorstep?”
“My woods.
I’m renting the Parker place, remember? Technically, that makes Parker’s woods,
my woods,” he corrected.
She turned
her back on him to retrieve something from the cabinet. Had it only been
yesterday they had shared lunch in this room? She had been molten in his arms,
melting into his kiss. If not for the phone call from Jace, they would have
ended up in bed. Maybe on the couch. Against the wall. Now who couldn’t control
their thoughts? Where had this distance come from?
“That’s not
what I meant and you know it.”
“I know.” He
slipped in behind her at the counter. He had questions. She had answers. Howl
intended to have them and her. “Why didn’t you call for help?” Howl laughed
when he felt her jump mentally. Mind reading was such a trip. He effectively
caged her between the counter and his arms. He wanted to kiss her, just there
where her neck curved into her shoulder. He nuzzled the spot and traced
the tip of his tongue along the exposed skin of her throat.
She tilted
her head to give him better access. “The storm knocked down lines everywhere.
We’re running off generator power, no phone, and no cell.”
He felt her
shiver as her situation started to dawn on her. They were completely alone.
Nothing to stop them from acting on this all-consuming lust. No calls from
Jace. No neighborly driveby visits from Cade. No work. Just walls, rooms, and
plenty of doors with locks.
“I would
have driven you to the hospital once the storm let up and you were stable, but
you asked me not to. That, and my Jeep was totaled by a tree. Then I found
this.” Ana held up the small jar containing the bullet she had removed. “And I
knew I couldn’t go to Cade. He wouldn’t understand.”
Howl took
the jar. Even through the glass, the metal burned his skin. He tossed it aside.
It rolled across the floor into the corner smacking into the baseboard but
didn’t break.
“Thank you
for that, for protecting me. You know what I am, then.” This time he did kiss
her just behind her right ear.
“And are you
afraid of me?” Need beat a rhythm through his blood. Please say no. The
hard planes of his body pressed against the silk of her back.
“Should I
“I won’t
hurt you.”
“How do you
do this to me?”
Howl felt
her frustration as she instinctively arched into him.
“What do I
do to you?” He flipped open the buttons of her blouse.
“Make me
ache for you.”
A feral urge
consumed him with her whispered words, something animal, something that
couldn’t be controlled. He kissed the nape of her neck, and felt her skin
vibrate beneath his lips. He heard her shudder inwardly and beg her body to
behave. “Oh, no you don’t. I want you out of control. You should have told me
about your magic.” He breathed the word in her ear. She melted underneath his
massaging fingers.

“And you
could have mentioned you howl at the moon, before I had to use that magic to
save your life.” 

Covet – Breaking all the Rules

Covets have all the sexiness, emotion, and happily ever after that readers have come to expect and love from Entangled. They are firmly grounded in the contemporary world, but each novel brings in supernatural twists, breaking the contemporary and paranormal rules, alike. To find out more about their titles, chat with authors, participate in special events, and to find out what books you’ll be coveting next, visit the Entangled website, follow them on Twitter, and LIKE their Facebook page.
Today I’m happy to be featuring Covet’s August releases!!
The Awakening: Liam by Abby Niles
The Awakening #2

Shifter, Liam Doyle knows Hell. At least he believed he did. The night he feels his mate die, he learns how very wrong he was. Nothing he’d struggled with since Ava’s rejection compares to the emptiness that fills his soul by her death. Lost in his grief, he’s taken by surprise and drugged. When he wakes, everything changes. Nothing is what it seems, and someone is dead set on making him pay.

When Ava Michaels is taken captive, she’s thrust into a dark and terrifying world along with the man she was forced to leave behind. While being near Liam again is heartbreaking, the motive behind her kidnapping is gradually revealed. The more she learns, the more she worries Liam isn’t the man she believed him to be. He has enemies willing to do anything to extract their revenge. Can their love survive a crazy man’s vengeance?

Amazon * Barnes & Noble * Kobo * Itunes * Goodreads
The Demon’s Desire by Kendra Leigh Castle
Hearts of the Fallen #2

He’s as dark and dangerous as the storms he once commanded…and she can’t get him out of her heart.
Dru has spent two thousand years fighting to keep the people of Terra Noctem safe. In all that time, she’s only opened her heart to one man, with disastrous results. But when her city takes in a group of renegade Fallen, she finds herself drawn to the brooding and tormented Meresin, despite the fact that he seems to be the least redeemable of them all. When his instability hits a breaking point, Meresin’s only chance at survival is a perilous journey into a place from which few ever return. What he never expected was that confronting his demons would mean risking not only his future, but Dru’s as well…and that one stubborn vampire might give him back not just hope…but his heart.

About Abby:
Ever since Abby Niles picked up her first Sweet Valley High book in sixth grade and fell in love with Elizabeth and Todd, she’s been hooked on romance. By the time she reached high school, she was devouring meatier romances with pirates, cowboys and knights. She never imagined that those years of reading would one day lead to her becoming a published author.
In her late twenties, after having twins and becoming a stay-at-home mom, she started doodling stories to keep her sanity. Next thing she knew, she was actually
submitting to publishing houses. And was immediately rejected. That didn’t stop her though. She found herself some kickass critique partners, honed her craft, and continued submitting.
And eventually sold a short story, then a novella, then a novel, and now a series.
Today, she juggles work, home life, and writing. It’s not always easy, but hey, who said life was easy?
In her downtime, which isn’t often, you can find her playing ‘Just Dance’ with her kids or trying to catch up on her never-ending to-be-read list. She also loves Zumba, and refuses to admit she looks more like Animal doing his Muppet flail than a sensual Latin dancer.
Find Abby online:

About Kendra:
Kendra Leigh Castle was born and raised in the far and frozen reaches of Northern New York, where there was plenty of time to cultivate her love of reading thanks to the six-month-long winters. Sneaking off with selections from her mother’s vast collection of romance novels came naturally and fairly early, and a lifelong love of the Happily Ever After was born. After graduating from SUNY Oswego (where it also snowed a lot) with a teaching degree, Kendra ran off with a handsome young Navy fighter pilot and has somehow accumulated three children, three dogs, and one enormous cat during their many moves.
While stationed in a remote corner of the Nevada desert, Kendra penned her first romance, and a career often spent working in fuzzy slippers and pajamas was born. Her work has garnered both critical praise and award nominations, but the best part has been connecting with readers who share her love of dark romance (not to mention heroes with sharp, pointed teeth). Kendra currently lives in Maryland, and can usually be found curled up with her laptop and yet another cup of coffee working on her next book. She loves to hear from her readers, and can be contacted via email or her Facebook page.
Find Kendra online:

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This Side of Forever – C. Marie Mosley

This Side of Forever frontBOOK SPOTLIGHT:
Genre:  New Adult Contemporary Romance
Available August 27th!
In the small town of Harden Fields, summer time seems to be the best time to set fire to old flames in this racy, heart-stopping romance.
Laney Oliver is ready to start a new life. Away from the small lonely town of Harden Fields, Alabama. Away from the pressures of her careless family. And away from the shadows of her broken heart. Laney is just beginning to heal after the love of her life shattered her perfect world, leaving her with no explanation. When the reason for her pain-stricken heart returns to Harden for the summer, she vows to stay away. But, she soon realizes that it may be easier said than done.
Jeremiah Cutler left Harden Fields in a rage, leaving his entire reason for existence behind. He knew that he was shattering Laney’s world, but he had to…there was no other way. Everything he did, he did for her… he just has to prove himself to her once again. Leaving Laney was a necessary fleet that he wishes he could take back, but staying away from her was never an option. Now, amidst his return, Jeremiah’s sole purpose is to win Laney’s trust back and to regain his forever at any cost.
C. Marie I giving away the following prizes at the end of the tour:
Grand Prize – Ultimate Prize Pack (Signed Paperback & Swag)
2nd – Signed Paperback ARCs (3)
3rd – E-books (5)
C. Marie grew up in a small town outside of Birmingham, Alabama. When she’s not making up her own stories, she’s extremely busy getting lost in someone else’s. C. Marie enjoys penning stories in new adult and young adult contemporary romance. She also has a young adult fantasy fiction series, entitled Empyreal.
Writing is her passion, but she enjoys other things, too. She is an avid-reader, and she loves to dance & practically lives through music. She loves to make people laugh, and is extremely creative in every genre. But most of all, she loves to spend time with her wonderful family. She currently lives in Alabama with her amazing family, and continues to create imaginary worlds for all to enjoy.
Connect with C. Marie:
Christal Mosley’s THIS SIDE OF FOREVER Book Blast Schedule 8/23- 9/22
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9/21- Tiffy-Fit’s Reading Corner
9/22-  Wicked Readings by Tawania

Interview with Taryn Kincaid (Heat Wave

Thank you for joining me in the shadows. Pay no attention to that odd silhouette over there. Weird things live here.  Where do you hail from?
Listen, I know all about where weird things live. My home’s not too far from the real Sleepy Hollow, where my erotic paranormal books (THUNDER, LIGHTNING, FORST and HEAT WAVE) are set. And…funny you should mention “hail.” Are you perhaps suggesting a new title for me?
Tell me about your latest book. What makes it stand out from the crowd?
In this one, it’s the male of the species (the hot-as-sin fire demon hero) who goes into heat
Do you have anything new in the works and can you tell us a bit about it?
SLEEPY HOLLOW should be releasing from Decadent in a few weeks. Stay tuned!
What advice would you give to writers just starting out?
Read a lot. Write a lot. Practice, practice, practice. (And try to remove those stars from your eyes.)
What tools of the trade are must-haves for you? 
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to research a story?
Does a trip to London count?
What do you like to read?
Paranormals and Regencies. Mysteries. Romantic Suspense. Hmmm. Most stuff. With the possible exceptions of horror and non-fiction.
Who is your favorite author and why? 
My favorite romance writer, currently, is J. R. Ward. I love the way she plays with words and I love her hot Black Dagger Brotherhood boys!
If you weren’t a writer, what career might you have chosen?
Rock star. (Of course, I cannot carry a tune in a Trader Joe’s  tote bag but…that’s just a detail.)
Who is your favorite superhero (or heroine)? Can be from a comic book, movie, novel, cartoon, video game or anywhere else heroes reign.
Pepper Potts. She gets to hang with Robert Downey, Jr.  Er, Iron Man. The brains behind the suit.
Your favorite book hero?

Mr. Darcy.


Sent into the human realm to retrieve prodigal princess, Zena Night, Bhyrne Raines is shocked and unprepared for his carnal reaction to the sexy succubus. In service to the succubus queen, the rugged enforcer must stifle the instant passion exploding within him. Fulfilling his royal duty doesn’t allow for quickie dalliances. His biological clock is ticking, and he begins to enter breedspawn, an intense and unstoppable frenzy of mating all fire-demon males must endure. But the more he wants to avoid Zena, the more he’s drawn to her.
Reluctant to give up her carefree life of partying among the mortals when the hot-as-sin Bhyrne comes to fetch her for the queen, Zena uses her succubus wiles to entice him, or at least delay the inevitable trip to the royal court. Once in the demon stronghold, hidden deep within the Catskill mountains, she learns the reason for the summons: she must choose a consort within two days.
Zena needs a mate. Bhyrne needs to mate. With time running out for both of them, they each turn to 1Night Stand. Can Madame Eve come to the rescue?


Holy freeze gun, Batman. The words died before she managed to expose them to air. Her mouth snapped shut.

One of the Queen’s guards stood before her, huge and tall, nearly twice the size of most of the other males in the joint, a hella hunka supernatural male. Clearly not human, although Hugo Boss’d to his Adam’s apple in an apparent bid to fit in among the humans trolling for hot sex, illicit drugs, watered-down booze and loud music. Beneath the fabric of the unstructured designer suit, the toned muscles of a demonic warrior rolled like tidal waves. Even without the small lapel pin the uninformed might mistake for the The Rolling Stones’ logo, she’d recognize him for a captain of the guard. Maybe the Queen’s own Captain.

Hellfire and cotton candy. Trouble. T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

But, by the goddess, whattahottie! Despite her certainty that his presence in the club corridor boded ill for her, the force of her sudden hunger shook her.

Like lightning.


A desperate bolt out of the blue.

Instant connection to him on th
e paranormal plane, as if he’d wrapped her aura in gold chains and tugged her to him. But did that fast lane to heaven run one way or two?

A grim expression straightened the lines of what otherwise might have been a generous, sensuous mouth. A military buzz cut had weed-whacked hair the color of iron. And it didn’t stop there. Without doubt, metal fortified every single cell in the massive male’s body, pure titanium flowing in his veins. The stern planes and angles of a hard-edged, swoon-worthy face set grimly as cement. Though he lounged in the hallway like any Archie or Jughead waiting in line to discharge his rented beer in a urinal, he exuded authority, his carriage and bearing such that he made the others look like a pack of Twizzlers. Oh. Yeah. More than a mere guardsman, she guessed. An enforcer.

Buy Links:

 Author’s Bio:

Taryn is an Olympic caliber athlete egg roller and spends a great deal of her time petitioning the U.S.O.C. to introduce a fantail shrimp competition. When she’s not bungee jumping off the Palisades or parasailing up and down the Hudson River, she devotes her time to caring for her aging pet walrus, arranging her voodoo doll-pin collection and practicing rhythmic chants. At this moment, she is busy sweeping up the loose masala chai tea leaves she spilled all over the kitchen floor. (Probably because she needs COFFEE.) Wait. Is that something…sparkly?

Taryn hangs around a lot on Facebook and Twitter with her trill
ions of fans and pops in at Goodreads from time to time. You can catch her on her website,, and her blog, where she lives for comments!


Taryn is giving away a copy of an ebook from her list of titles to 

one tour wide winner.

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Sweet Proposal by Celia J Anderson – Spotlight and Review

New release:
Celia J Anderson – Sweet Proposal
Piatkus Entice
August 1st  2013
Books, chocolate and a Jacuzzi: could there be a better combination? Gorgeous Geordie Leo arrives in Clayton-on-the-Bream with a mission to make his mark. When he reveals his ideas for a bespoke bookshop and chocolate-themed cafe, struggling writer Mab can’t resist his plea for help.

However, Leo’s timing is disastrous. Engaged to flighty, super-thin Sophie and knowing that Mab is up to her neck in a mysterious scheme of her own, Leo fights hard to ignore the warm, sensual friendship that is growing between them. When their eclectic mix of family and friends weigh in to help, the dream seems almost possible, but can Leo ignore Mab’s shady past? As they battle with sabotage, jealousy, vindictive neighbours and unpredictable relationships, Mab and Leo find that even chocolate can’t always make miracles happen . . .

Brynna’s Review: Sweet Proposal is a modern romance with a chick lit feel. Mab is a hopeful writer with a jerk of an ex-boyfriend to put behind her. She’s moving out of her apartment, trying to help her best friend with an autistic child, works and did I forget to mention she’s pregnant with her other friend’s (who happens to be the best friend’s boss) husband’s child. To put it mildly, her life is in a major upheaval.

Enter Leo Lamb, clumsy, handsome with a crazy plan to open a book/spa/sweet shop in an old house right next to the health food restaurant left to him by their mutual friend. He wants Mab to take up half of the ownership and help get the business up and running. Leo and Mab have an instant connection that neither can really act on at first. Leo is engaged to Sophie, a flighty princessy type. And Mab is a surrogate for her friends and feels she can’t share that with anyone. 

Once all the players come into play (and there are alot of secondary story lines and characters weaved throughout the book) a little insanity ensues, but when the dust settles you’re left with a heartwarming, blended, crazy family and a fun read. I enjoyed Sweet Proposal and look forward to future books from this entertaining author.

Mab is a woman with a mission – to be a published author. She is beginning to think that she will never find the perfect man and is just about to stop looking and concentrate on her career when Leo appears in town – dynamic, sexy but unfortunately out of bounds. And even if he was available, she isn’t sure if she could ever be bothered with a relationship again. In this extract, Mab imagines what her perfect man would be like.
Mab had been thinking of her dream man off and on all morning. She’d even typed out a list of his essential qualities, telling herself that she wasn’t wasting valuable writing time and that it would be useful background information for her next novel. The man of her dreams (should she decide he was worth the risk) must have:
·                     a wicked sense of humour
·                     a kind heart
·                     an aptitude for whipping up stunning little suppers
·                     the sort of bottom that makes you want to bite it
·                     a fabulous smile with strong white teeth
·                     sparkling eyes
·                     a great body – tall enough for her to look up at him; strong and muscular without being burly
·                     squeaky-clean hair, perhaps with a tendency to curl?
·                     designer stubble
·                     an interesting accent: soft Irish brogue, lilting Geordie or gentle Scots for preference.
But where was she going to find him? More to the point, would he find Mab amazing enough to pursue, because there was no way she was everchasing a man again. And even more importantly, would he wait long enough for her to sort out her tangled life?

Biography; Celia J Anderson

When she’s not marking children’s work, or writing stories involving pants, Celia spends far too much time on Facebook (Celia Joy Anderson) and does a lot of walking to counteract the cooking, eating and drinking which form another of her hobbies. She blogs as part of the Romaniacs online writers’ group – http://theromaniacgroup.wordpress.comand tweets as @CeliaAnderson1. Her own website was recently launched thanks to Lucy Felthouse – she has an author page on Facebook (Celia J Anderson)
Her ultimate dream is to have her children’s books published too. Usually sea-starved in the depths of the Midlands, she can often be found wandering happily around Brighton visiting her two daughters and pretending to collect ideas for her next book.

The Master Undone – Lisa Renee Jones Spotlight (Review pending)

The Master Undone
Inside Out, Book  #2.5
*** The Master Undone is a part of the Inside Out trilogy, and is told from his POV. ***

I told him goodbye, and I will not call him. I know if I do, it will be my undoing, and I’ll once again be caught up in his spell. I will once again be…lost. 

In her private journals, Rebecca laid bare her soul, revealing her obsession for the one man whose erotic demands captivated her imagination–and enslaved her forever. Now, with Rebecca no longer in his life he is lost, questioning everything he thought he knew about himself and about control he holds in such high regard. One women will reach out to heal him and then turn away, leaving him haunted. She is nothing he thought he wanted and somehow everything he needs. He tells himself to forget her but he cannot escape his desire for her. He has to have more…

ONLY $0.99
Available for Kindle | Nook
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT TRILOGY which has sold to more than ten countries for translation with negotiations in process for more, and has now been optioned by STARZ Network for a cable television show, to be produced by Suzanne Todd (Alice in Wonderland).
Since beginning her publishing career in 2007, Lisa has published more than 30 books with publishers such as Simon and Schuster, Avon, Kensington, Harlequin, NAL, Berkley and Elloras Cave, as well as crafting a successful indie career. Booklist says that Jones suspense truly sizzles with an energy similar to FBI tales with a paranormal twist by Julie Garwood or Suzanne Brockmann.
Prior to publishing, Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by Dallas Women Magazine. In 1998 LRJ was listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Lisa loves to hear from her readers. You can reach her through her website and she is active on Twitter and Facebook daily.
Lisa is giving away a REVEALING US Tote Bag with SWAG at the end of her tour to one lucky winner.
Lisa Renee Jones’ THE MASTER UNDONE Book Blast Schedule 8/12/13 – 8/24/13
8/12- Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads
8/12- Lily Element
8/13- Talk Supe (post live by 3pm)
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8/22 – My Secret Romance
8/23- Whirlwind Books (review)
8/23- Page Flipperz
8/23- Redheaded Bookworm (review)
8/24- Reader Girls (review)
8/24- Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
8/24- Under the Covers

A Kiss to Die For by Gail Barrett

A Kiss to Die For
by Gail Barrett
Homeless Army veteran Sullivan Turner is nobody’s hero.  His failure to save his fallen comrades proved that.  So when a gutsy social worker gets caught in a drug gang’s crosshairs, he knows he’s the last man who can safeguard her and the pregnant teenagers she’s trying to protect. 
Former debutant Haley Barnes learned the hard way how to survive.  After witnessing a cold-blooded murder, the terrified teenaged runaway changed her identity and hid to save her life.  But when the killer tracks her down and attacks the girls in the homeless shelter she now runs, Haley knows the time has come to stand and fight.  But to bring down the powerful killer she must confront her high-society family’s darkest secrets — and convince wounded warrior Sully Turner he’s the hero she believes.
Excerpt One:
“Are you all right?” the man asked.
His low, gravelly voice drew Haley’s attention, and she turned her head.  She met his grim, whiskey-hued eyes, and her belly made a little clutch, the reaction catching her unprepared.  Startled, she took in his dark, furrowed brows, the stark lines of his craggy face.  He had straight, collar-length hair dampened with sweat, a slightly off-center nose that hinted at less than a choirboy past.  A few days’ worth of razor stubble — several shades darker than his hair — covered his throat and jaw.
Her heart made another swerve.  He wasn’t exactly handsome.  But man, oh man, was he attractive.  Arresting.  Thoroughly masculine in a decidedly carnal way.  He looked like an old-fashioned gunslinger, like the loner who rode into town, risking his life to battle the bad guys and save the day.  A solitary man in need of comfort who left behind a trail of broken hearts as he rode away.
This was the homeless man, she realized with a start.  But he was nothing like she’d expected.  He was younger — in his mid-thirties at most — and far more virile.  He wore work boots and tattered jeans, a long sleeved T-shirt he’d pushed up to his elbows, exposing the tendons roping his arms.  His hands were big and lean.  He cradled the gun with lethal ease.
He was the most beautiful sight she’d ever seen.
AUTHOR Bio and Links:
Gail Barrett is the award-winning author of thirteen romantic suspense novels.  A former RITA® and Daphne finalist, Gail has received the Book Buyer’s Best Award, the Holt Medallion, the Booksellers Best, The National Readers’ Choice Award, and numerous other awards.  She lives with her husband in We
stern Maryland.  For more information, visit her website:
Buy Links: